SVPerl E-mail Lists

These are SVPerl's e-mail lists. The SBAY User Code of Conduct applies to all discussion.

Please keep in mind that many people have different reasons for using Perl. We as a community must consider it acceptable for people to use more than one programming language like having more than one tool in a toolbox. However, SVPerl's mail lists are about Perl, not other languages (except when interfacing to Perl.)

User-subscribable lists


The "perl" mail list is the primary ongoing discussion area for SVPerl.

Info & subscription:



This is list has no discussion. It is intended to be a place one can subscribe in order to be included in the announce mail list, in case the discussion lists are too much traffic.

Info & subscription:

Archives: not applicable - not a discussion list

Automatically-generated lists


The SVPerl announcement list, encompassing the SVPerl membership. This is an automatically-generated list which includes the subscribers of all the non-generated lists. So if you're on one of the other lists, you'll be on this one too.

Info & subscription: not applicable - subscribe to one of the other lists above to be included on the announce list


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