Some web sites for job hunting.

The Short List for Silicon Valley Perl jobs, August, 2012.

Click to see perl jobs within a 50-mile radius of Sunnyvale, CA:

The (Partly) Annotated List, August, 2012.

    • Salary data, job listings, interview questions, & more.
    • Register and provide data to see more of their data.

    • High-quality search of very large data base.
    • Collects data from many online sources in one place for easy search.
      • Might not include craigslist or EDD listings.
    • Clean UI.

    • Maintain an account here that can be searched by prospective employers.
    • They have a job search function; some jobs might not be listed elsewhere.

    • Employment & training agency at Sunnyvale EDD office.
    • Informative workshops are well-presented; career advisors available for 1-1 Q&A.
    • Paid by your taxes, no other fees required.
    • "We enable jobseekers to transition back into the workforce by providing new skills, new connections, new information, and new opportunities."

    • High quality networking & more; open orientation can be a high energy affair; at Sunnyvale EDD office.
    • It costs you no money, but you must attend meetings and volunteer your time to keep the group running.
    • Has a very good reputation and draws people from many miles away.

-- ChristopherPoda - 2012-08-22

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